After going to my doctor for a routine blood test which was followed by a glucose blood test, my doctor told me my sugar level was high enough to be considered diabetic. At that time I was also more than fifty pounds overweight, inactive, and been previously diagnosed with sleep apnea. He told me I had two choices. “Either get use to sticking needles in your arms for insulin shots, or start exercising to burn the excess sugar stored in my body”.

After telling two of my co-workers about my doctor’s visit, they suggested I look into cross-fit. I saw some you-tube videos and was impressed with how diverse and intense the workouts appeared to be. I knew I needed something where I would be motivated by trainers and involved in group participation. A regular gym would not cut it for me. So I decided to search online for local cross-fit gyms and found Cross-fit Massapequa.

As I walked in for my first introductory class, one of their regular sessions was just ending. I was shocked at the exercises the members were performing and how they all appeared to be in shape. When they were done they all looked exhausted! I was scared to death thinking I wasn’t walking out of there alive.

I was greeted by Steve and Brian and they conducted an evaluation to determine what my fitness level was and why I was there. I told them about my trip to the doctor and they told me they could help but it was up to me and how hard I was going to work and insisted on how essential it was to change my diet. I barely survived the introductory class which had to be cut short because I dry heaved, but after a couple of hours at home I actually felt good and was thinking of going back.

I did go back! And after five months of going to Cross-fit Massapequa and dramatically changing my diet, I have lost close to thirty pounds while adding pounds of muscle. My sugar levels have gone down to normal and my cholesterol went from 289 to 237. I am still scared when I walk in after a session has ended but I look forward to completing the workout of the day (WOD).

-John T