Clemente grew up playing soccer and lacrosse but nothing ever pushed him as hard as CrossFit does. The combination of good coaching, programing and a positive environment with like-minded people helped him bring his fitness to the next level. He discovered that he could push his body far beyond the limits he once thought he had. Physically he is bigger, leaner, stronger and faster than he has ever been in his entire life.

However, the physical benefits if achieved from CrossFit are only half of the story. Mentally he has become more; determined, disciplined, patient and a better leader. Concurring what can seem like impossible physical tasks that he has faced at CrossFit helped him to realize that outside of the gym there is not much he can not do either. Since starting his CrossFit journey, his career has been on the steady incline. He goes into new experience or projects thinking “I can out work anyone else here.”

Now that he is married with 2.5 year old twins his motivation at CrossFit has changed. He has gone from “wanting abs” to wanting to set a good example for his kids. He wants them to grow up seeing their dad living a healthy active life style and to be able to run around and play sports with them well into their teens.

As Clemente has said, “After finding the physical and mental success at CrossFit… I will never go back!”