A) Strength/Skill:

8 Minutes of WOD Preparation:
3 Power Cleans (adding weight to Metcon weight)
3 Front Squats
3 Bar Facing Burpees
21 Double Unders or Attempts
*Rest as needed between sets.

B) WOD: (35:00 Cap)

"Monster Mash"
With a partner for time:
60 Power Cleans (Rx = 135/95, S = 115/75, 95/65, 75/55))
600 Meter Run*
60 Front Squats
600 Meter Run
200 Double Unders (S = 1x Single Unders)
120 Burpees
600 Meter Run
60 Toes to Bar (S = Hanging Knee Raises)
600 Meter Run
60 Shoulder to Overhead

*One athlete runs at a time. Relay style. 

C) Extra Credit:

Complete 5:00 of "cooldown work" ie. bike, run or rower at a moderate pace.
Complete 5:00 of Tissue Work/Static Stretching
Or Complete Extra Credit Work from Monday if you missed.