September Member of the Month

If you regularly attend the 6:30 class than Steve Pascucci needs no introduction.  He brings high energy and the willingness to learn to everything he does at the gym.  It’s no shock he is our member of the month for September.

Here is what he has to say:

Dear CFM Coaches, Staff and Members,
First, allow me to thank the coaches, staff and members for induction to Crossfit Massapequa member of the month. I’m honored to share my thoughts and experiences training and enjoying the times in and out of the CFM box.
1. Why did you start CrossFit?
It was out of big gym limitations and my personal goals that had me consider a better-rounded workout. CFM is like an adult play ground with certified supervision. We all work together regardless of our abilities.

2. How long have you been doing CrossFit?
I’ve been Crossfiting since March 2013. CFM is my fourth box so I have a good foundation of comparisons.

3. What is your favorite part of CrossFit Massapequa?
CFM is not a gym it’s a life style which offers a wide range of services, creative WODs and individual attention to each members’ needs. I never lifted weights before I joined Crossfit. Now I’m an average weight lifter. The staff has eyes on every member and ensures you’re lifting safely with proper form. If your goal is body physique with or without cardio training CFM offers open floor times.

4. What are you favorite exercises? Do you like shorter, sprint WODS or longer, chipper WODS?
The Turkish get up is my favorite movement. If you haven’t tried a TGU, you’re in for a fun, brain teasing and effective core movement. Next are Burbees, followed by battle ropes and cash outs. Long, short, sprinter and chipper WODs are all good for me.

5. Name some of your personal goals that CFM has helped / helping you achieve?
My profession requires me to walk a lot, bending over and lifting. CFM WOD programs are geared toward every day movements. After only two weeks, I noticed weight loss, a stronger and toner body. At week four muscle mass started kicking in. CFM coaching and spending some time before WODs improved my kipping, rope climbing techniques and wall ball shots. Currently, we are working on double unders and ring dips. Getting these basic movements down is not only fun but highly motivational.

6. How has CrossFit Massapequa affected your life?
CFM has given me a sense of accomplishment, physical stability, a new circle of friends and a feeling of gratitude with each completed WOD. Let’s not forget the CFM family outside the box. Too name a few: coach Rich BBQ’s, coach Steve’s sporting event outings, and visiting local watering holes.


Weighted Pullup



13 Min AMRAP

6 Push press 175/115

10 Box Jumps 30/24

20 hollow body + KB pull overs