Skill of the Week: The Kip


Hey Ladies, check out this awesome event we’ll be doing sometime at the end of August!  Register under the team name, “CFM Barbell Babes.” Proceeds go to support Operation Underground Railroad.  More details to come.


The Kip


12 minute AMRAP

3 Power Cleans

3 Kips

6 Power Clean

6 Kips

9 Power Cleans

9 Kips

12 Power Cleans

12 Kips

15 Power Cleans

15 Kips



4th of July: CLOSED


We are closed for the 4th of July and yoga is cancelled on Sunday.  Enjoy the day everyone and stay safe!  

Home WOD:

For Time – 

Run 1 mile

100 Strict Burpees

Run 1 mile


Strict Shoulder Press


Strength: Focus on bracing

Strict Shoulder Press


WOD: Focus on bracing

For Time

50 reps each – break up as needed

Single Arm KB Push Press L/R

Banded Anti Rotation + Press L/R

Single Arm Ring Row L/R

Defranco Pull-aparts