Strongman Saturday

Things to know for tonight:

  1. We are screening “Lone Survivor” at the gym at 7:00pm
  2. BYOB

Things to know for tomorrow:

  1. Tomorrow is when we are doing the Memorial Day Murph Challenge.
  2. The WOD will begin 10 minutes into our normal Sunday class times: 8, 9 and 10am. Please show up on time to class if you want to warm up at all.
  3. Your class will carry the American flag on each run.
  4. It will be difficult.
  5. You will still be able to do it.
  6. You will do it.
  7. It will be fun.
  8. There is a BBQ/pig roast after the last class is finished.
  9. There is a bacon cook off, so bring your best bacon based meal.
  10. There will be bacon.
  11. There will be beer.
  12. You are encouraged to bring your family and friends to participate in both the MDM and the bacon off.        


Skill: 10 minutes

Rope Climb 

Click the link above for a cool tutorial on how to climb a rope from a cool website.


For Time

5 Rope Climbs

6 Tire Flips

100m Farmers Walk

9 Tire Flips

100m Plate Overhead Carry

12 Tire Flips

100m Yoke Barbell Walk

15 Tire Flips

100m KB Suitcase Carry L

18 Tire Flips

100m KB Suitcase Carry R

5 Rope Climbs