Get Ready


Murph is this Sunday so that means yoga is cancelled.  It also means you should start preparing.  I don’t mean it’s time to learn pull-ups or how to run with a weighted vest, it’s too late for that.  However, you should start getting and staying hydrated.  Your pee should look like lemonade, not apple juice from now until Murph (and also all the time).  It’s also a good idea to cut all the junk food and eat clean.  If it can go bad, it’s good for you so eat it.  Meat, fruits and veggies from here on out.  Maybe some unprocessed whole grains if you need them…maybe.  Also sleep!  Get your 6-8 hours in, it’s seriously good for you in so many ways, recovery being one.  Rest up everyone and get ready to work on Sunday!

Strength: Back Squat




Front Squat 135/95

Burpees over bar