Do. Work.



For Time – 


KBS 53/35




Ball Slams 20/14


Rock the Box: Saturday June 27th


On Saturday, June 27th CrossFit Massapequa will be holding an in house competition.  We will be announcing more details in the weeks to come but here is what you need to know for now.

1. Teams of three with at least one guy and at least one girl on the team.  You can recruit teammates from outside CFM. 
2. Three WODs: One endurance, one strength, and one METCON.  In the event of a tie, there will be a tie breaker WOD. 
3.  $75 team buy in.  Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place TBA. 
4.  There are no divisions, but someone on your team needs to be able to row, squat clean, power clean, reverse lunge w/ barbell.  You also need at least one person who is able to do pull-ups and who is able to thruster with 95 and 65 pounds for guys and girls respectively.
5.  We will begin signing up teams starting this week and registration ends on Wednesday June 24th.  You must pay up front.  


20 minutes to find your 1RM in the Push Press 


10 min AMRAP

5 Wall Walks

10 V-ups

15 Ball Slams 20/14







We are closed for Memorial Day so here are some home WODs you can do.

Run 5k

Bike 20K

100 Burpees for time

Or just chill out and enjoy the day.

Memorial Day Murph Challenge


Looking forward to seeing everyone honor a true American hero today!  Don’t forget to stick around and cheer on your fellow CFMers and have a beer and one of many pork products. 

We will be closed tomorrow, Monday the 25th.  Have fun and be safe everyone! 

Strongman Saturday

Things to know for tonight:

  1. We are screening “Lone Survivor” at the gym at 7:00pm
  2. BYOB

Things to know for tomorrow:

  1. Tomorrow is when we are doing the Memorial Day Murph Challenge.
  2. The WOD will begin 10 minutes into our normal Sunday class times: 8, 9 and 10am. Please show up on time to class if you want to warm up at all.
  3. Your class will carry the American flag on each run.
  4. It will be difficult.
  5. You will still be able to do it.
  6. You will do it.
  7. It will be fun.
  8. There is a BBQ/pig roast after the last class is finished.
  9. There is a bacon cook off, so bring your best bacon based meal.
  10. There will be bacon.
  11. There will be beer.
  12. You are encouraged to bring your family and friends to participate in both the MDM and the bacon off.        


Skill: 10 minutes

Rope Climb 

Click the link above for a cool tutorial on how to climb a rope from a cool website.


For Time

5 Rope Climbs

6 Tire Flips

100m Farmers Walk

9 Tire Flips

100m Plate Overhead Carry

12 Tire Flips

100m Yoke Barbell Walk

15 Tire Flips

100m KB Suitcase Carry L

18 Tire Flips

100m KB Suitcase Carry R

5 Rope Climbs


Get Ready


Murph is this Sunday so that means yoga is cancelled.  It also means you should start preparing.  I don’t mean it’s time to learn pull-ups or how to run with a weighted vest, it’s too late for that.  However, you should start getting and staying hydrated.  Your pee should look like lemonade, not apple juice from now until Murph (and also all the time).  It’s also a good idea to cut all the junk food and eat clean.  If it can go bad, it’s good for you so eat it.  Meat, fruits and veggies from here on out.  Maybe some unprocessed whole grains if you need them…maybe.  Also sleep!  Get your 6-8 hours in, it’s seriously good for you in so many ways, recovery being one.  Rest up everyone and get ready to work on Sunday!

Strength: Back Squat




Front Squat 135/95

Burpees over bar


Weighted Dip


Summer is no longer coming…it’s just about here, which means it’s time to get out of the box! Take a look below at some of what CFM has in store for summer. I’ll post more details when they are available but for now mark your calendars!

Beach Days – one Saturday a month starting in July, stay tuned for exact dates. Expect a killer beach WOD followed by some relaxing, rehydrating and vitamin D absorption on the beach!

Park Day – On Tuesday June 23rd we’ll be joining our friends from Wantagh Martial Arts at a local Park (TBD). All evening classes will take place in the park on this day, weather permitting. Check Facebook and the website before class if the weather is questionable.

Long Island Adventure Park – July 12th This is the same tree top obstacle course we went to in the fall. for more information.

Shootout for Soldiers – on 7/16 there will be 24 one hour long lacrosse games played to benefit wounded American military members. The games start at 9am on Thursday, July 16th at the Field of Dreams in Massapequa.

Paint Ball – August 23rd
Venue to be determined.

And if you save only one date for your CFM family this summer make it June 27th! We will be having an inter-box competition!! Specifics will be announced after Murph!

Strength:  Weighted Dip


WOD – 

12 min AMRAP

5 KB Clean and Press L/R

5 KB Bent Over Row L/R

5 KB Snatch L/R

25 Double-unders


Last Chance for Romance aka Last Murph Training Session!


MDM is just a few days away…we are as prepared as we can be for this workout; the only thing to do now is prepare for the after party!

CFM will provide hamburgers, hotdogs and a roasted pig! Everyone else is asked to bring a side dish. Any side dish is fine, but this year we are starting an unofficial challenge to see who can come up with the best bacon dish. Your bacon dish can be a side dish, dessert, cocktail… the possibilities are endless; bacon has a place everywhere and we don’t discriminate!

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday, don’t forget to dress appropriately! Pull out your red white and blues, your stars and stripes and any other patriotic gear you have!

And if you haven’t already, please harass all your workout buddies to come to this event. Everyone can do this workout, let’s make CFM attendance history with 100 names on that board!

WOD: Start heavy and go down in weight/bands for each exercise on each round so that your last round is just bodyweight.  If you have a vest wear it.

For time – 

Run 800m w/ vest

5 rds 

10 Weighted Pull-ups (ex. w/ vest 20-14-10-vest-bodyweight) (ex. w/o vest 20-14-10-8lb medball between legs- bodyweight)

20 Banded Push-ups (ex. green-blue-red-orange-bodyweight)

30 Goblet Squats (ex. w/ vest 35-26-18-vest-body weight) (ex. w/o vest 70-62-53-44-bodyweight)


Run 800m w/o vest



Atlas Shrugged


With a partner, for time:

In any order

50 Atlas Stone Shoulders, rep for rep with partner

400m Farmers Walk 1.5x/1 x bodyweight, each

100 Wallball Volleys 20/14

Run 1 mile w/ medball, pass back and forth during run

Strong Core

Coffee Is Good For You! 

And so is reading!  Check out Julie’s article about starting CrossFit that was published in WOD Talk Magazine! Link HERE

Super Set:

Yates Row 5-5-5-5-5

Barbell Roll-out 8-8-8-8-8


For Time – 

100 Mountain Climbers

50 Sit-ups

75 Push-ups

50 Sit-ups

50 Feet Elevated Ring Rows 

50 Sit-ups

25 Burpees, both hands to 1 foot target

50 Sit-ups