Open 15.5


The 2015 Open began just about a month ago. Since then, CFMers brought their toes to the bar over 1,000 times, pulled their chests to the bar almost 500 times, completed about 90 muscle ups, more than 200 HSPU….and who knows what 15.5 has in store for us….burpees anyone? Together we have not only embraced the suck of each Open WOD – most of us have actually looked forward to them! We have pushed each other outside our comfort zones and witnessed some pretty exciting PRs. Saying we kicked ass would be a gross understatement…these accomplishments deserve beer. This Friday, after we will tackle 15.5 at the last Friday Night Lights, please join us at Sancho’s in Massapequa Park for a celebration of our 2015 Open success.

Open WOD 15.5

27-21-15-9 reps for time of:

Row (calories)

Thrusters 95/65