Celeritas Olympic Seminar


Celeritas Weightlifting is coming back to CFM to run another Oly seminar tomorrow(4/21) at 1 pm!

Olympic weightlifting has been widely popularized in CrossFit. On average, Olympic lifts can be found in workouts about 70 percent of the time. The lifts are also the most highly technical component of CrossFit, necessitating speed, power, flexibility, and strength.

That being said, technical training is the most important aspect of Olympic weightlifting. Celeritas Weightlifting will be coming to CrossFit Massapequa to work with a group to help make technical improvements to each athlete’s lift.

Celeritas Weightlifting consists of head coach, Danny Casey, CSCS, USAW. He is the team coach for CrossFit Dynamix and CrossFit Vitruosity’s competition teams. Danny has coached national level weightlifting athletes at the 2013 American Open, 2014 Junior Nationals, and has athletes qualified for the 2014 USAW Senior Nationals.

Eric Hoeckberg, CSCS, USAW. Eric used to coach Strength & Conditioning at Oregon State University and assists with the team and member coaching at CrossFit Dynamix.

Topics: Snatch & Clean

Size: limited to 20 attendees

Price $50 per person, must be paid in advance

What to bring: Workout gear. Weightlifting shoes, if you have.

Sign up at CFM to register, all participants must prepay for this event. Speak with one of CFM’s coaches if you have any questions.

(516) 308-4045