Rows and Doubles

Skill- Double Unders



Row 500M/10 Doubles

Row 400m/20 Doubles

Row 300M/30 Doubles

Row 200M/40 Doubles

Row 100M/50 Doubles

then: 8 sled pushes 90/45 as fast as possible

Fight Gone Wrong


-learn to pivot-


With a continuously running round and rep scheme…

5 rounds 3 minutes on, 1 minute off

7 Medball ground to overhead + pivot right

7 medball ground to overhead + pivot left

7 burpees

7 toes to bar

Crazy Conditioning

For Time

100 double unders

10 medball slams

40 wall balls

75 double unders

20 medball slams

30 wall balls

50 double unders

30 medball slams

20 wall balls

25 double unders

40 medball slams

10 wall balls


Back Like Broadside of a Barn

Weighted Pull Up


Weighted Dip


RPE – 9


3 rounds for time

9 Mixed grip pull ups

18 Ground to overhead 75/45

9 Mixed grip pull ups (opposite)

18 V ups

Show me your war face!!!

Come in for the 2 year anniversary workout!

Maybe the hardest workout you have done here…EVER!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the the 2 year anniversary party today!! We have burgers, dogs and beer. Bring anything else you would like to have.

4 in one day?

Complete the following four woods in any order

4 Min Max rope climbs

4 Min Max wall balls

4 Min Max sledgehammer slams on tire

4 Min Hang Power snatch 2 reps emom

Double Unders + Intervals

Double Under Skill


Interval Stations

3 Rounds 1minute on 1 minute off

1. Ropes

2. Double Unders

3. 8 count Burpees

4. Anti-rotational Band hold

5. Box jumps

Weighted Pull Up

Weighted Pull Up

4-4-4-4-4       RPE-7


10 rounds for time

4 Pendlay rows 135/105

6 Ring dips

8 Double unders

100m run

Flex Practice

20 Minutes- Flex Barbell Complex

3 Minutes- Max American KB swings

5 Minutes- Max Thrusters 95/65

Pull the Bar Down


Kip>Kipping Pull up>Kipping Chest to Bar>Bar Muscle Up



Feet elevated ring rows

Push ups


in teams of 2 

7 200m medball runs each (rest while your partner runs)