Sunday Fun Day!

Sunday Fun Day!

Buddy WOD: Medicine Ball Challenge

Complete the following with a buddy for time – 

800m run, pass ball to partner every 5 paces

100 Sit-up w/ medball throw (Person A does sit-ups with MB.  As they come up, they throw the ball to Person B.  B the tosses ball down as Person A goes down in the sit-up.)

100 Medball bounce passes (A stands 6′ away from B and slams the ball from overhead towards B.  B catches and repeats.)

100 Leg lifts/leg throws (A is holding the ankles of B and doing leg lifts.  B is catching A’s legs and throwing them down towards the floor.)

100 “Wall”ball partner throws (A stands 6′ from B, performs a thruster wallball shot style and throws the ball towards B.  B catches ball going into their squat and repeats)

100 Boat pose med ball throws (A and B are 6′ apart, each in a boat pose as pictured above.  Hold the pose as best as possible and toss the ball back and forth.)

800m run, pass ball to partner every 10 paces

*This work is to be split between partners.  In a team of 3 multiply workload by 1.5.  Two people will do sit-ups at a time while the other person caches the medballs one AFTER the other.  Then two people can do leg lifts while the other person catches and throws.  For the tosses, form a triangle and throw from person to person.