Kettlebell Cleans


Save the date! CFM’s First Annual Holiday Party
Time: 9:00p,
Date: Thursday, December 20th 
Place: TBD

Our last class will be at 7:30pm, so come get your WOD on and then get your party on!

Friends and family are welcome!


Kettlebell Clean and Press



4 RFT without putting the kettlebells down 

5 KB Deadlifts (suitcase style)

5 KB Cleans

5 KB Front Squats

5 KB Push-press

Rest 1 minute between rounds




Turkish Getup

Skill work:

Turkish Getup 



For time

15 Turkish getups (each arm)

30 Kettlebell swings 1.5/1 pood

30 Ring push-ups

30 Goblet squats

30 Leg raises (press and hold the KB over you)

30 Squat jumps

30 T2B

30 KB Floor press



Crawl, Walk, Run

For time:

50 meter Bear crawl (7 laps around the rig)

50 Burpees

400m Farmers walk 2/1.5 pood

400 single unders

1,600m run

*For the farmers walk, it is easier if you have a little bit a run/jog in your stride.  If you walk slow, you’ll be miserable.