Happy New Year!!

We will be open New Years Eve for 8, 9 and 10 am classes only and will by closed New Years Day.  Have fun and stay safe everyone!  


Skill – Max height box jump



20 Push-ups

12 Box Jumps 24/20

20 Squats

13 Pull-ups

Power cleans + Fight gone bad

Power Cleans


WOD for total reps

wall balls – 1 min

sumo deadlift high pull 75lb – 1 min

box jumps 20/24 – 1 min

push press 75lb – 1 min

row max calories – 1 min

rest 1 min

Done 3x

Strong through the middle

Here are just a few of the things that you can expect to see at CFM in the new year:

  1. CFM’s first paleo challenge.  Weigh in, work out, get fit and cash out!
  2. Lifting totals!  Squat, deadlift, bench and overhead.  Let’s get your baseline!
  3. Training logs!  Let’s start keeping track of times and loads!
  4. More toys to play with!  
  5. Gear storage!  Leave your lifting shoes, training logs etc. so you wont forget them.


Wall walk ups + Handstand holds + Handstand Pushups


15 Min AMRAP

4 Barbell rollouts

6 single leg glute ham raises (switch every 3)

8 plank hands to elbows

10 band rotations (swithching sides every 5)

End of the World!

End of the World!

Not really…but it might be the end of your legs Smile


Strength: Deadlift



100 KB swings for time 1/5/1 pood

At the end of each minute stop swinging and do 5 Box Jumps

Run, Sit, Burp!

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Don’t forget that tomorrow is CFM’s 1st Annual Holiday Party!!  Bring your friends and family down to the Bulldog Grille in Amityville starting at 9:00 p.m.  Our last class is at 7:30 that evening.


Skill work:

GHD Sit-up


3 RFT – 

Run 600m

50 Sit-ups

40 Burpees


Make Up Day

Take today to work on any skill you want to work on or make up a wod you missed during the week

Sunday Chipper


For Time

Row 1,000m

90 Squats

Run 800m

70 Sit-ups

60 Push-ups

50 Double Unders

40 Pull-ups

30 Jump and Touch

20 Ball Slams

10 Handstand Push-ups

*For the Jump and Touch: mark a spot 18″ above your max reach while standing.