Buddy Sunday Funday

Working in teams of two spend 5 minutes at each station with 1 minute rest between stations.

Station 1: Sled pulls

With your teammate on the other side of the gym pull the weighted sled to you, then give your buddy the rope so they can pull the sled back to them.  Repeat.

Station 2: Box jump overs and Bear crawls

You and your buddy start on the same side of the boxes.  Partner one hops over the series of boxes and bear crawls back to the start point and tags Partner 2 in.  Partner 2 then hops over the series of boxes and bear crawls back.

Station 3: Rope climb and Plank holds

While one partner completes 2, 12′ rope climbs the other partner will hold a plank position.  Switch and repeat.

Station 4: Farmers walk and Flutter kicks

While one partner is walking to the corner of Brooklyn Ave and Forest Ave and back, the other partner is doing flutter kicks.  Switch and repeat.

*Weights will be determined by team ability.