Black out Wednesday

The power is still out down here and we don’t want anyone on the roads if they don’t have to be so we will be closed. Keep checking back for more updates. Hopefully we’ll be open in a day or two! Stay safe everyone and train hard!!

Home WOD: 

Back extensions or the Prone row

Special “Sandy” home WOD

Due to Sandy we are closed. Stay safe everyone!

Train at home:

“Death by Burpees”

Complete one Burpee on the start of the first minute, two Burpees on the second minute, three Burpees on the third minute, and so on until you can no longer complete Burpees for the number of minutes on the timer.


Due to “SANDY” we will be closed tomorrow,please be safe.  


As many rds as possible in 20 min.

   45 squats

   30 push-ups 

   15 sit-ups


Shuttle run: 1 = from the bay door to street and back (≈100 feet)


rest 30 seconds


rest 60 seconds


rest 90 seconds


rest 120 seconds


rest 90 seconds


rest 60 seconds


Buddy Sunday Funday

Working in teams of two spend 5 minutes at each station with 1 minute rest between stations.

Station 1: Sled pulls

With your teammate on the other side of the gym pull the weighted sled to you, then give your buddy the rope so they can pull the sled back to them.  Repeat.

Station 2: Box jump overs and Bear crawls

You and your buddy start on the same side of the boxes.  Partner one hops over the series of boxes and bear crawls back to the start point and tags Partner 2 in.  Partner 2 then hops over the series of boxes and bear crawls back.

Station 3: Rope climb and Plank holds

While one partner completes 2, 12′ rope climbs the other partner will hold a plank position.  Switch and repeat.

Station 4: Farmers walk and Flutter kicks

While one partner is walking to the corner of Brooklyn Ave and Forest Ave and back, the other partner is doing flutter kicks.  Switch and repeat.

*Weights will be determined by team ability.


Bench Press Saturday

Strength: Bench Press


Review proper body position for the bench press here.



Ring Push-up

Knees to elbow

Box Jump 24/20



Five rounds, each for time:

20 Pull-ups

30 Push-ups

40 Sit-ups

50 Squats

Rest 3 minutes between each round.

Row, Jump, Swing

For time:

Row 500m

10 Double Unders 

50 Kettlebell swing

Row 400

20 Double Unders

40 Kettlebell swing

Row 300

30 Double Unders

30 Kettlebell swing

Row 200m

40 Double Unders

20 Kettlebell swing

Row 100m

50 Double Unders

10 Kettlebell swing