Partner WOD

2 person teams.  One partner works at a time.  While not working, other partner will not just stand by and watch Laughing

Part 1

5 rounds of Cindy with a twist. 

Partner 1 does 5 pull ups while partner 2 hangs in L-sit position from bar.

Partner 1 does 10 push ups while partner 2 stays in bottom position of pushup.

Partner 1 does 15 squats, while partner 2 maintains bottom position of squat.

When partner 1 finishes round, roles switch and repeat sequence for 5 rounds

Rest 2 minutes.

Part 2

Partner 1 rows 250 meters while partner 2 does a plank with arms on medicine ball and feet elevated on bench.  When partner 1 finishes rowing, switch positions.  Do not start rowing until partner is set in plank position. Repeat for 5 rounds.

Part 3

Partner 1 does 50 double unders while partner 2 holds Kettlebell 70/53.  Switch and repeat 3 times.  If kettlebell hits ground during double unders, both partners owe 200 meter run for each ground contact.